11753644_351118871724970_7562156537327658824_nHi there and welcome to my page!! My name is Annika Fernandez and I own and run Inspiration Nation.

I am an…Entrepreneur & World Explorer, Nature Lover, Fitness, Business and Life Coach, Natural Foodie, Yogi, Reader and Passionate Photographer. I Love wine and laughter with family & friends…and am lucky enough to be married to the man of my dreams

I am 41 as I type this, I am Cali girl that is currently in Costa Rica. I try to live with no regrets so I do most things other won’t. It has made my life pretty amazing and although I love to travel I have tried to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.

A bit about my journey… I guess I am what most people would have called a yo-yo’er. I was always very fit and healthy in high school and when I went away to college in 1996, I didn’t just gain the freshmen 15, more like the freshman 40. After college I got back home and stared at a gym, eating right and lost weight again in 2001. I would up and down manys more times.

In was Dec. 2010 when I was out exploring with the husband, we had rented this buggy type thing, and I hated getting in and out of it. I honestly for the first time felt like I was too big for something and it crushed me. At the last waterfall we stopped for a picture and I will never forget how I felt when I SAW myself. That person in the photo – that was not me! I was not that fat girl…but I was.

January 2011, I ordered P90X and began a journey that I will never stop and never quit. I am down over 50 pounds and FEEL AMAZING. I am still traveling, loving life and trying to help others do the same. Life is to short to love it, live, and soak it all in!!

I would love to help you too! Lose weight, Get Balanced, Nutrition,  Start a Business, Get your sexy back – whatever you need help with – I AM HERE TO HELP!!!
Coach Annika

I am always looking for people to join my team – I’d love to hear from you if you think you might be interested in joining my team!


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