Take 2019 to The Next Level

💫Mindset is key, but nothing will change without ACTION. In my last few Facebook posts I’ve been speaking about the importance of mindset & how our limiting beliefs help keep us stuck in the same place again and again. Now, if we are aware that those old belief systems are keeping us trapped, it’s time to take direct action.

Many of you were asking me how I made the big leap, changed my corporate career to working for myself, then restructured my business, & transcended my old belief systems.

The answer is… A LOT of action, getting out of my comfort zone & facing my fears head on. Through this process I learned that fear is just an illusion & that everything I want/need to learn is on the other side of my fear.

I could write a book about the many failures & successes along my journey, but I’d rather share an exercise that will help you make clear decisions about your own life & help you implement some action steps.

So grab your journal & let’s get to it!

1.) Write down the top 10 things, experiences, rituals, environments, or people that make you happy & bring you joy. Exclude drugs, alcohol & porn. Add a few of these items into your daily schedule so by the end of the week you have completed all 10.

2.) What matters to you most? Is it connection time with family… freedom to travel… serving something greater than yourself… Get clear about your big WHY. What drives you to do what you do? Are you prioritizing these things in your daily schedule? If not, how can you?

3.) Is your career of choice in full alignment with your heart, ethics, values, talents & dreams? If not, ask yourself what you can do to change that now. What can you add to your day? What can you take away? What old identities or beliefs do you need to let go of?

4.) Who can help you gain perspective & clarity? Hiring a coach or learning from a friend who has been where you want to go is the fastest way to shift. Their perspective & wisdom will support you as you transcend your former self & embrace the next level of your evolution.

5.) What does your ideal lifestyle feel like? Get very detailed here. What can you do daily to help you feel this way now?

6.) What fears will you need to face to get to your next level?

I look forward to hearing how this goes for you! 😘🙏🏼❤️🌍



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