Meal Prep made Simple!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard…
I’ve been meal prepping for over 6 years now.

At first, it seemed really hard and really overwhelming…
I was thinking…
How will I make all of these different meals at all these different times and make it work, right?
But then,…
I learned a few tips and I managed to become a meal prep MASTER!
Today, I want to share some of my HEALTHY MEAL PLANNING tips with you!
Let Me Give You The Basics… 

Before we begin… make sure you have a few cookie sheets and an oven.

1) What I do first is pick 2-3 of my favorite meals that are going to be on rotation for two weeks. 
Example : Let’s say I pick chicken, zucchini and sweet potatoes for one; then ground turkey with green chili, green beans and brown rice for the second.
2) Preheat your oven
3) Put all of your proteins on a cookie sheet.
So,with the example above,…
I would put all my chicken and turkey in lines on a cookie sheet… (or more than one cookie sheet, depending on your quantity).
4) Add some seasoning to your proteins, like Mrs.Dash, or Braggs, lemon pepper, Cajun, Thai, whatever you like. Make sure your different lines on the cookie sheet are seasoned differently!
This way,…your proteins won’t taste the same all week, right?  You will have a variety of flavors!
5) Cut up your veggies or whatever needs to be cut.
In the example above, I picked sweet potatoes, right? So, I would wrap them in foil and  they go on a separate cookie sheet.
Then, you can cut up the other vegetables if you picked any,… lay those on that cookie sheet as well.  I picked zucchini,… So I would cut up all the zucchini, and lay it out on that cookie sheet!
6) Season your vegetables:
add coconut oil, sesame oil, salt & pepper, other spices, whatever you like.
7 ) Bake everything in the oven at the same time, with a timer.
Start by setting the timer for whatever is fastest to bake…
When the timer beeps, you know it is time to take something out.
Leave whatever is not done in there and set the timer again,…until everything is cooked!
8 ) Decide on your healthy fats.
Each of your meals should be accompanied  by a serving of almonds, seeds, nut butter,
avocado, or cooked in coconut oil to make sure you’re getting those healthy fats in!
9 ) When everything is cooked,…you can start preparing plates by MIX-MATCHING all of your ingredients. 
You can use plastic containers to prep 3 days worth of meals…and freeze whatever you are not using, right?  Or, you can use the baggie method… The baggie method is dividing all of your food into individual portion size… Then, you put the protein in one, your vegetables in a second one, fats in a third, and your carbs in another, …
Unless you’re one of those people who doesn’t mind if their food touches lol then use one baggie 

And then when you are ready to eat a meal, you simply take out the 4 baggies that you have for that meal! You can write Monday/Tuesday, etc. with a sharpie if you want.
Don’t be scared to MIX IT UP… ground turkey can go with the sweet potatoes and the green beans, chicken can go with the zucchini and the brown rice, then you can take your ground turkey and your zucchini and mix it with sweet potatoes,and so on.
You can mix and match all of those things that you made!
That’s it! Crazy right?  You can easily prep for a week or two with this technique.
Don’t Make It Complicated
All you have to do is pick out two to three proteins, two to three vegetables, two to three healthy carbs, and then just cycle those things!
Go on Amazon…And find some super cheap plastic containers you can throw away if something gets nasty!
Also, make sure your plastic containers are safe for the microwave AND the dishwasher, because you want to keep things SIMPLE!
DON’T let your meal planning overwhelm you!
Just keep it simple!
Use different seasonings, different sauces or different oils to SPICE things up!
It’s super EASY!
Put it all on cookie sheets, Put it all in the oven with a timer,…and BOOM!
Your meal planning made EASY.

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