I am Certified!!

I Did It!!!!! 🎉 I’m now a Certified 2B Mindset Mentor! 🌟🌟🌟

What does this mean? 
I care enough about helping people get healthy to put in the time, money, effort and to continually LEARN more and more about nutrition, emotional eating, & how to help myself & others have a healthy relationship with food. ❤️

It does NOT mean I’m any kind of expert or nutritionist. 😉 I love that 2B Mindset focuses on REAL nutrition, mindset and sustainable healthy habits. It’s NOT a diet. It’s a Positive Health program.

I’ve struggled for years with emotional eating- eating when I’m mad, when I’m stressed, when I’m celebrating, when I’m tired or bored.  And come to find out, just because it’s not eating in excess doesn’t mean we still can’t have an unhealthy relationship with food.  Constantly worrying about what we’re putting in our bodies or wondering “will this one cupcake go straight to my ass?” is no way to live.

As I learned the process of eating healthy, nutrition to fuel our bodies, incorporating regular exercise, it became clear to me.  If we don’t take the time to learn HOW to eat to live not live to eat, we never will, and the cycle will be endless.  I became a health and fitness coach for this very reason.  To help teach others the importance of balance.  To share the knowledge of nutrition, nutrients, filling our bodies with plants and fruits and veggies and hydrating and eliminating the notion that eating less or switching to Diet Coke and low fat cheese is the solution.

Eliminating The Diet Mindset 

I am BEYOND to be certified in this program, the 2B Mindset is going to change the way we think about dieting.  It is going to eliminate that diet mindset and teach us a new mindset on eating to fuel our bodies.  I’ve opened up a group focusing specifically on nutrition where for 30 days we will learn these tips, techniques, and how to fall in LOVE with food and nutrition for the right reasons.  Then, after those 30 days we’ll dive more in depth into implementing what we’ve learned, tracking our habits, fueling our results, and reclaiming our health and our lives free of the diet mindset.

Want some help with emotional eating, weight loss or just getting better nutrition?

Drop me an emoji below & let’s chat! 😊


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