10 Simple Tips for Greater Wellness

The last 2 weeks home alone has really had me examining my overall wellness. Not my health and not my fitness but my WELLNESS. I speak so much about how it is so important in a well balanced life but it’s so easy to let it slip through the cracks. I have found once it has slipped through it usually takes effort to “make time” for the little things again, but you must. What’s crazy it once you start to incorporate little things into your life you find you have more energy and usually just a more joyful person all around and who doesn’t want want more joy in their life?
So, what little things can you try to bring more wellness into your life?
* Take a warm—not hot—bath, adding 1½ to 2 cups of Epsom salts. Relax and enjoy for 20 minutes; longer may leave you feeling drained. Always follow your bath by drinking 12 to 16 ounces of room-temperature water.
* Treat yourself to a massage! You work hard; you and your muscles will enjoy the treat 🙂
* Laugh. You’ll stretch muscles, burn calories, boost energy, and release endorphins.
* Spend time in nature. Walk in the park, go to the beach, lay in the grass or just notice the sky.
* Seek out media and entertainment that inspire and uplift you. For the next 21 days, try to watch, read, and listen only to things that make you feel great.
* Help your skin detox by dry-brushing it before you bathe, once or twice a week. You’ll stimulate nerve endings, improve circulation, and activate your lymphatic system.
* Get out in the sunshine for 10 to 15 minutes each morning.
* Think positive thoughts and start each day with a positive affirmation.
* Give thanks. Gratitude is powerful. Recognize the good in your life. Say it or keep a list / journal.

* BE YOURSELF, stop trying to please everyone else you never can. Be PROUD to be you!!


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